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Summer 2011Profound Inspiration: Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.Metamorphosis: Shakin’ to Awaken: Bianca MolleForehand: Barbara G. Feinberg

Push-Hands and Parkinson’s: Daniel Loney

Struggling To Move: Parkinson’s Disease Took Her Dance Away, But Dance Gave Back: Pamela Quinn

Fall Prevention-Controlling the Extrinsic Factors: Kevin Lockette PT

January 2011

Parkinsons Recovery Summit: Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.

Off The Ledge: How to Over Come the Challenges of Parkinson’s Disease John Carlin

It’s Time To Think About Swallowing: Joel Herskowitz, M.D.

What are the Symptoms of Dehydration?: Jaroslav Boublik, Ph.D.

How Can You Stay Positive When You Have Parkinson’s Disease?: Richard London

December 2010

Proud Person With Parkinson’s: John Baumann

Some Common Questions Regarding the Link between Hydration and Foods: Dr Jaroslav Boublik

I Forget: Cheryl

Considering the Care-Receiver’s Assets and Deficits: Caregiver Training Series Part III: Kevin Lockette PT

Giving Expression to the Feelings: Tarun Amalnerkar

November 2010A Golden Opportunity to Transform our Thought Patterns: Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.The Second World Parkinsons Congress: Where Do We Go From Here?: Pamela QuinnSome Common Questions Regarding the Link between Hydration and Wellness: Jaroslav Boublik

General Mobility Guidelines for Transfers: Part II of Caregiver Training Series: Kevin Lockette PT

What is Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and how can it help a person living with Parkinson’s disease?: Roseanne D. Dobkin, Ph.D.

October 2010Exciting Times to be Alive: Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.Musings inspired by the PFNCA’s dance classes:Anne DavisWhy Hydration is Critical to Wellness: Jaroslav Boublik, Ph.D.

Good Body Mechanics for Caregivers : Part I of caregiver training series: Kevin Lockette. PT

I Didn’t Say That: Whit Deschner

Sitting Softly in My Soul: Heather MacTavish

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  1. Dear Sir,

    Is there a way to adopt the Naturopathy for Parkinson’s recovery? Shall appreciate if you could elaborate this point.

  2. My daughter-in-law has just been diagnosed with Parkinson’s. I would like to buy a subscription to a magazine for her. Is your magazine hard-copy or only on-line?

    Thirty years ago I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and have been reading a magazine entitled Arthritis Today. It has been both informative and a comfort. That’s why I would like to do something similar for my daughter-in-law.

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